James Brady Journey & Photography!
  James Brady    Journey &Photography!              

My Journey


My passion for photography grew out of my passion for camping.  After dealing with the cold and dreary Chicago winters I made the decision to embrace it.


I loved camping but decided to take it to another level all together by challenging myself to winter camping.  I survived my first few trips and the love grew from there.  After seeing nature's beauty through remote camping and capturing it through photos the photography bug struck, and my passion for it grew. 


It was the start of my journey, combining my two passions camping and capturing nature's beauty.  And it has just grew from there and the passion continues to grow stronger.  Join me in my journey. 


James Brady  


Come and join me on my Journey!

Remote Camping Journey

Photos and gear for my early camping journey.



Photography Journey

Photos from my ventures



The two journeys meet

The blending or my two passions coming together.