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Famous people who smoke had smoked or had uses for Marijuana or Hemp


Celebs making News


Dr. Sanjay Gupta changes mind about

medical marijuana





Melissa Etheridge used marijuana during chemo treatments.  Now working on marijuana infused wines



Patricia Cornwell, mystery writer, funds $500k for marijuana research




Rick Steves, travel host, works to promote marijuana legalization in Oregon & Alaska

10/26/14 - Montel Williams who suffers from MS lends his support to the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida's upcoming Amendment 2 vote.



According to Ranker.com these historic individuals below had used marijunana or uses for marijuana.  

Smoked Recreationally

William Shakespeare

Sultan of Turkey

Medical purpose

Queen Victoria

Joan of Arc

Egyptian Pharaohs

Ancient Greeks

Hua Tuo


Ancient Greeks
William O'Shaughness

Had uses for Marijuana

George Washington

Elizabeth I of England

Christopher Columbus

The Scythians


The below people  use or tried marijuana.

Huffington Post Article

Bloomberg, M. Mayor N.Y.
Bush, George President 
Freeman, Morgan
Gates, Bill
Hefner, Hugh
Maher, Bill
Stewart, John
Stewart, Martha
Stone, Oliver
Turner, Ted
Winfrey, Oprah

TV interviews

Etheridge, Melissa

Williams, Montel


Don't We all Know

Dogg, Snoop

Nelson, Willie